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    When it came time to choose a daycare after having my 4th baby and returning to work, we wouldn’t have gone with anyone else. Byford Child Care is like Family.

    The centre has such a homely and welcoming feel and all of the girls are absolutely amazing.
    Our Lucas has thrived so much since starting here when he was only a few months old. He amazes us with all the new things he learns each week and is always happy for us to leave him with the girls. We are very comfortable knowing he is getting the best care and experience and love to see him happily playing with friends when we pick him up.
    Thank you to all of the wonderful Staff for making us feel like part of one big family 🙂

    Manda & Ben Bedford

    I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really great job. I’m glad I decided to take my daughter to Byford Childcare almost two years ago.
    I have never had any problems, the Management and staff are all wonderful, caring and helpful.

    I acknowledge all that you have done and continue to do to care for my daughter while I am at work. The support and warmth you have shown us both is immensely appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Dear Ladies and at time gentleman.
    I have attended many daycares in my 18plus years as a carer of our beautiful children that need a special someone to love and help make there life and there parents life feel safe. Most importantly feel loved and a part of a family I can supply this but wow you ladies do this with a smile on your face a beautiful welcome even a sympathetic ear as at time being a parent we all need so thank you all so much this is without a doubt the best daycare in Byford



    I’d highly recommend Byford childcare Centre, All staff members acknowledge you as you walk in, with a Greeting.They are all very welcoming and understanding and will go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and your child/ren feel safe and accepted during their time. I wish there we’re more centres as dedicated as the staff here are.

    Thank-you all so much

    Megan McBeath


    I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping our son transition from a reluctant, only child with separation anxiety to a position where we can drop him off at an external Kindy/School with new teachers and students and leave him to happily interact and communicate with other children without any tears or unwillingness to transition. We really appreciate the time each of you have taken to make Jett feel safe, comfortable and loved whilst he is in your care.

    When we drop him off and pick him up, we sometimes feel that we are in the way because we really like the staff and the environment and like to stay a while and interact with the children and have an interest in what they are doing and learning.

    The centre, facilities, curriculum and staff all embed the behaviours and cultures that we adopt and encourage at home. He is encouraged to be himself, yet develop respectful relationships, interact with different children and their behaviours, learn new skills, eat other foods, and how to deal with uncomfortable situations (ie: playground conflict) with confidence. Some of these would have been almost impossible at home had we not had your complete support and open communication at day care.

    Vanessa Reynolds


    My son started a few weeks ago and from day one he’s just slotted right in which made the transition so much easier for both of us

    Natalie Millman


    All the beautiful people at BCC are one of the main reasons I use the centre for my children’s needs. They are a caring group of people who are like a second family to my children and myself. Also, if your nice enough to Kristi she’ll let you taste test what she’s cooking!

    Cathy Aplin


    Visited all the daycares in the Byford area, and I did not really like any of them, from the minute I walked in Byford childcare centre I new that it was the centre for my son! I don’t ever have a doubt in my mind about sending my son there, all the staff are so lovely to deal with and are amazing with all the children.
    My sons speech is delayed a little, and they have been working with him in improving his speech, and he is slowly speaking more and more! Could not recommend this daycare centre more than enough

    Jessica Wright


    My twins have been attending Byford Childcare Centre for almost 2 years. I still recall walking into the centre the very first time and being greeted by Jodi as though I was part of the family already. I felt so welcomed, the centre has a beautiful homely feel.

    The carers are so attentive, always asking about changes in routines, likes and dislikes and the adventures we have on our days off. Having twins I liked to have my boys on the same routine and within a few days they were as promised by the carers. I have never once felt uneasy about leaving my boys in their care. I would highly recommend this centre (in fact I do at least once a week and so now my boys get to hang out with my friends kiddies too).

    My boys are forming life long friendships and I honestly dread the day we all have to say goodbye to one another.

    Five out of five stars

    Stephanie Nash


    Wonderful staff, such a welcoming and caring environment for our son

    Samantha Feast


    My experience with the Byford Child care centre started almost 12 years ago, they have seen many changes and some staff changes, but I have always been given the same great service all of that time.

    I do not have any family that lives close to help me out and the staff at Byford Child Care have been my helping family.

    My last child will be leaving the Child care soon.

    The staff have helped me greatly with the care of my 2 boys, through family crisis’ last minute help to care for my boys in emergencies.

    Letting me know of my boys health, picking up that my first son had glue ear when the doctors had not worked this out.

    Understanding that all children are different and allowing both of my boys to develop their interests.

    Listening to them when they need someone and caring for them, when mum or dad is not available.

    I would recommend any new working mother to feel confident that their child will get the best care they can receive.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there and helping me out in a bind.

    All my best

    Stella Kenworthy


    My two sons have both attended the centre and we couldn’t speak more highly of the beautiful staff members who have looked after our boys since they were babies. Our two year old still currently attends the centre and he happily goes in with a smile, he loves the centre and he is well cared for. The food provided by the centre is healthy and nutritional and they have no hesitations to give him more than one serving if he wants it. The centre engages the kids in many different activities and the centre has a warm and nurturing feel to it. Parents are always made to feel very welcome and I enjoy the extra curricular events you put on; eg. mothers/Father’s Day, Halloween disco, the ladies night, the list goes on!

    Thank you to all the staff at Byford childcare centre, I highly recommend you.

    Laura Davies


    I could not rate this centre enough,  The Staff are very friendly and great with the children.  My daughter has been going there for 3.5years and I would not send her anywhere else.  The activites they do with the children and the learning programs are fantastic and my daughter is now more than ready to start Kindy next year.  Great work to you all 🙂

    Rebecca Fraser


    I have had both my children at Byford Child Care since they were 18 months old and our family has been involved with the Centre in this way for nearly 5 years now. It was hard choice to go back to work and a choice that was out of my hands so leaving my precious babies with someone other than myself was a difficult one and one I did not take lightly. I researched all the daycares in our area, reading testimonials like this one, I visited and spent time in them all to watch how then ran and my final choice was with Byford. In talking with the employees, majority working at the Centre had worked there long term. I haven’t seen many come and go in my time which tells me they are happy at work with each other and therefore my kids should be happy there too. This theory proved right. My experience is I always left them at the Centre knowing and trusting that they were treating my kids as if they were their own. That they were loved, cared and looked after. I picked them up happy (tired, daycare is exhausting for little kids) but happy. The kids talked about the educators at home, the educators rung me with anything they felt I would want to know during the day like kids tripped over, they’re not feeling well, to if they were having a bad day did they sleep ok last night. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Centre to anyone.

    Leila Jackson


    Wonderful staff, such a welcoming and caring environment for our son.

    Sam McCormack


    My son has been attending BCCC now for 2 years. All of the staff are brilliant. You have all done so much to help him come out of his shell and still be himself. I love the programs and the flexibility of them. Absolutely incredible place for a child to learn.

    Vanessa R


    I can not recommend byford childcare enough! They’re amazing and so sweet and accommodating! My daughter loves going to school to see her friends and teachers and is learning lots of new things and gaining more and more confidence everyday! I cannot fault the staff at all (especially in the kindy room where my little miss is in). I was very nervous about my daughter going to daycare for the first time but everyone here has made me feel at ease and knowing my little miss is in a safe and happy environment makes it all the more better. Thanks everyone for doing an amazing job everyday, keep up the good work.

    Kylie Stewart


    The staff are amazing and so family like, they have helped my son so much since he has been going to the center. Thanks to the girls in toddler room and now the kindy room. He loves going to the center and never wants to leave haha , I definitely recommend this daycare to others.

    Tegan P


    I love this particular daycare. The staff turn around is very low the girls who looked after my eldest is looking after my youngest. I have been attending this daycare for nearly 6 years and I cannot speak highly enough. The ladies have helped raise both my girls and I would have asked for better carers.

    Anja Bonnard


    Awesome group and such fun. Especially when I walk in the door and give them banter. Our daughter has learnt so much from here.

    Michael Jones


    Byford Child Care is by far the best daycare. I have sent my first son there since he was 14 months old and he has absolutely loved it there. I am so glad I have found a great daycare that I know my son is happy to go to, it makes going to work that little bit easier.

    Teyjana Mills


    Great, friendly staff make a world of difference and you have definitely go the right formula! Well done girls

    Fiona Jones


    “Our 3 year old son was enrolled into Byford Child Care centre when I returned to work three days a week. We moved out of Byford about 6 months later and unfortunately had to enrol him closer to our new place. Our son was at his new centre for 8 weeks and was begging to go back to his “old school”. He didn’t settled at the new centre and asked every single day he went to go back to BCC, so my husband and I decided to make the 25 minute round trip to enrol him back in BCC where we feel he gets the best care around.
    Children are pretty resilient when it comes to daycare and school and I thought our son would be ok after the first couple of weeks but he hasn’t gotten over BCC. Cannot speak highly enough of the ladies there that make you and your child feel like extended family and not just another number! Glad to be back!”

    Renee Zeck


    5 stars but I want 10 stars!!! Byford Childcare is totally my rock! My boys started there from nursery/toddler until schoolie. They absolutely loved it because they loved the staff. I enjoyed working with team of awesome and cool ladies they are like my family. I highly recommend this childcare centre is the wonderful place in Byford.

    Kirsty Simmons


    I enrolled my first boy in the Byford Child Care Centre when he was 8 months old.  As most mums know it is quite an emotional time.  All the ladies at the Centre made the whole process so comfortable even though I didn’t know them at first but I knew my boy was going to be looked after really well.

    When you go into drop him off or pick him up you always get the stories about what they were doing during the day and how much fun they have had.  Or if anything seemed off with them.  I had no hesitation sending my 2nd boy in at 4months as I already knew all the girls in the nursery.

    I couldn’t be happier with all the staff at the Byford Child Care Centre.  They all do an amazing job and they are very professional as well as personal.  I love the gardens and all the different play areas they have as it is on a huge block and the kids have heaps of room to run around.

    Yvonne From Byford


    I have struggled with guilt as a working mother and I don’t know what I’d do without them. The staff treat my children as their own, in a safe, happy and positive learning environment. I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else.

    Katrina from Byford


    I have struggled with guilt as a working mother and I don’t know what I’d do without them. The staff treat my children as their own, in a safe, happy and positive learning environment. I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else.

    Luci from Byford


    Staff are amazing and so family like, they have helped my son so much.

    Tegan from Byford


    So glad I have found a great day care that I know my son is happy to go to, it makes going to work that little bit easier.

    Teyjana from West Byford


    Lovely nurturing environment for the kids. My girls always leave happy at the end of the day.

    Liberty from Byford


    Our family loves Byford child care, the carers are loving and fun! My son thoroughly enjoys his daycare time and has come on leaps and bounds.

    Katherine Wilson


    My son had been at another daycare centre in Byford and was miserable and bored. Since moving to this centre, he gets excited to go, can tell me the fun things he did that day and has made a good little group of friends.

    Nat Horvath


    I love sending my son to this centre as it gives me sense of satisfaction that he is in safe hands . A big thanks to friendly and concerned staff who really have empathy . My son loves being there .keep it up the good work you are doing .Warm Regards

    Neha Grover


    David & I Think the Byford childcare Centre & your Staff are amazing!

    We Love Olivia so much & Knowing she is in such good hands makes going back to work so much easier.

    I Often get asked what child care I have her in and if I like it by all our Friends becoming new parents and we always Highly recommend your centre!

    Amanda and David McGarry


    I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff, my daughter has loved being apart of the Kindy room over the past 12 months and I know that she will miss everybody so much. (especially Tessie).

    We are sad to be leaving you but Bella is very exited to be moving to pre-primary were I am sure she will make a whole bunch of new friends. 🙂

    Once again Thank You and we wish you all the best for the future 🙂

    Hannah Thomas


    I started sending my first born to Byford Childcare Centre when she was 12 months old. This was a huge decision for me, I spent a lot of time researching the local centres and Byford Childcare was the standout choice.

    The staff are lovely, friendly and very approachable, the centre has a great layout and feel to it. I have since added to my family with two more children and they too have all attended daycare here.

    My eldest two are now in primary school and I do believe the transition from daycare to school was made so much easier just by choosing the right daycare from the beginning.

    Kym Warburton

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