Helping Children Learn to Excel
While They Feel At Home

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Centre Philosophy


* We ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected.

* Safe, Secure and supportive relationships with families are formed and maintained, as these ar essential for
children’s learning.

* We value rich, trusting and respectful partnerships with communities and endeavour to sustain these.


* Support is given to children’s right to just be
* Flexible, supportive and inclusive care is provided, where children are empowered to be present and deeply engaged in the world around them.
* We believe that each child’s sense of agency is important for them to have a strong sense of identity and to promote their individuality.


* We embed high-quality scaffolding within experiences to promote a deeper level of learning
* Our holistic approach to learning assures we meet the needs of each child on their journey
* We create stimulating environments where children can take risks, promote perseverance and gain sense of self- belief.


* Our pedagogy is based on
a combination of values and
theories as well as
professional knowledge about
child development and education.
* We utilise the EYLF, NQS and reflective practices to ensure that our pedagogy is relative and effective.

Byford Child Care Philosophy


* We facilitate play-based learning to empower children to make sense of their world, explore their interests, develop curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills. “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn” F. DonaIdson


* We actively participate in caring for our environment and promote sustainable practices through educating and working with children, families and the wider community.
* We inspire children to show an appreciation for their natural surroundings and its resources.


* We believe the longevity of our passionate, welcoming and warm educators provides the
families consistency while promoting strong positive and respectful relationships.
* We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our service and the standard of care we provide, through constant evaluation of our practices and by ongoing professional development training for our educators.


* We acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity that each family brings to the service and actively work on creating and maintaining a culturally safe, inclusive environment where everyone feels connected to the centre.

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