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At Byford Child Care we look after our families and we realise your child’s potential.

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Latest News

  • What is Scaffolding Thinking to Promote Learning?

    Scaffolding thinking to promote learning is an approach designed to help children think about developing strategies of their own for learning. Scaffolding thinking to promote learning versus conventional approaches For most people over the age of say 25-30, the chances are that their experience in school was largely conventional. Broadly speaking, teachers showed how to…

  • Develop Whole Pre-Schoolers

    Tips to Develop Whole Pre-Schoolers

    At Byford Child Care we are committed to the basic principles of whole child development and specifically, working to develop whole pre-schoolers. We’d like to explain a little of what that means and offer some tips you can consider applying at home too. What does ‘develop whole pre-schoolers’ mean? For thousands of years western education…

  • Accidentally Leaving Children in Cars

    How to Avoid Accidentally Leaving Children in Cars

    Many of us react in shock at the very thought of this. We probably like to think that  accidentally leaving children in cars is something that only happens to others. Except, of course, it isn’t! It can happen to absolutely anyone. The accidental leaving of children in cars Intentionally leaving a child in a car…

  • preventing choking in babies and early toddlers

    Top Tips for Preventing Choking in Babies and Early Toddlers

    Every year, lives are lost due to babies and younger toddlers choking. In what follows, we’ll share some tips for how these risks can be reduced.

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