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At Byford Child Care we look after our families and we realise your child’s potential.

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Latest News

  • Early Learning Childcare in Bedfordale : Fostering Multi-Lingual Children

    For early learning childcare, Bedfordale and surrounding areas are fortunately well-equipped to provide first-class options. However, language can be a concern for some parents, particularly so if their child is not a native English speaker. Here we’ll examine the issues and provide some reassurance! Bedfordale and Multi-Lingual Children There is a wide consensus amongst education…

  • Early Learning Centers: Is Every Child Benefiting?

    Some parents have occasionally asked whether or not all children benefit from attending an Early Learning Centre (ELC). This is an area that we at Byford Childcare are very well-positioned to discuss. We’ll share our experiences with you below. Defining an Early Learning Centre As we are always keen to emphasise, there is a major…

  • Healthy Habits

    Encouraging Healthy Habits and Holistic Well-being in Early Childhood Education

    Early learning centres and holistic approaches

  • STEAM Education

    STEAM Education: Igniting Passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics in Early Learners

    STEAM Education: Igniting Passion

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