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At Byford Child Care we look after our families and we realise your child’s potential.

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Latest News

  • Toilet Training

    Toilet Training

    Toilet training is one of those parenting milestones that’s unavoidable. It can be daunting for both parent and child and knowing when to start can be the trickiest thing to work out. If you’re embarking on toilet training, here are some tips to get you and your toddler on the path to toilet trained bliss….

  • Risky play

    Risky Play

    Risky play is an activity that is thrilling and exciting, it involves a risk of physical injury, it provides opportunities for challenges, testing limits, exploring boundaries

  • Early Learning Centre Byford

    Let The Children Play!

    There are many different approaches to children’s learning and development that have been executed over the years.

  • Child Educator

    How Important Is The Bond Between Educator And Child In An Early Childhood Setting?

    Forming positive relationships with their Educators based on trust