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At Byford Child Care we look after our families and we realise your child’s potential.

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Latest News

  • Puppet Play

    Puppet Play and Emotions

    Children have been playing with puppets and dolls for thousands of years. However, these games can be very useful in helping children to develop a degree of understanding and then control their emotions. Puppet play and emotions Puppet play is nothing complex. It essentially involves parents joining in their children’s games with pretend people or…

  • Handle Messy Eating

    How to Handle Messy Eating: Children of 1-4 years

    Handle Messy Eating – Almost all younger children are messy eaters – as almost all parents have discovered with their first child! Inevitably, in the earlier months and years, you are likely to spend a fair bit of meal times mopping up after them. However, messy eating isn’t something that should be tolerated ad infinitum….

  • Self-Regulation

    Self-Regulation in Children

    Self-regulation in children is a gradual learning process that ultimately results in what we might term “responsible adult behaviour”. It is an important life skill and parents have a large part to play in assisting children to develop it. What is self-regulation? This is the process that allows us to control what we say and…

  • calm down

    Helping Toddlers Calm Down

    Helping toddlers calm down is a skill most new parents need to learn.

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