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At Byford Child Care we look after our families and we realise your child’s potential.

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Latest News

  • Snoring

    Is it Normal for Children to Snore?

    Snoring is often considered to be a subject for jokes when it is found in adults.

  • singing

    Singing in a Second Language

    Singing in front of the family is great fun, even if you perhaps aren’t naturally gifted with a great singing voice!

  • sleep

    How to Encourage a Good Night’s Sleep for your Baby

    Every parent puts their baby down at night hoping against hope for the luck of a relatively undisturbed night’s sleep!

  • Causes of Diarrhea

    Causes of Diarrhea and How to Deal with It

    Causes of Diarrhea: Virtually all babies and younger children will suffer from the odd bout of “runny poo”.

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